infiNIte anthems music videO
RELEASE DATE : 02 11 2023

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In the convergence of two realms, a dance unfolds,
symbolic of the intricate interplaybetween distinct cultures…

press release

Step into the extraordinary as François X releases the music video for INFINITE ANTHEMS,’ a visual journey that melds the realms of art, technology, and modern society. François X, a trailblazer in the electronic music scene, invites audiences to explore a captivating parallel universe in this video that encapsulates the essence of his latest EP, CEO.

The Story Behind the Video:
INFINITE ANTHEMS Delves deep into the intricacies of our contemporary world, where economics, the relentless march of the capitalist system, media influence, information saturation, and the relentless pursuit of progress, including the dominion of artificial intelligences, intersect. This music video is not just a visual companion but a vivid expression of the multifaceted themes woven into the heart of François X’s music.

This release marks a turning point in François X’s artistic journey. It’s a bold departure from his techno roots, a fusion of pop and rap influences, and a striking debut of his vocal talents, enriched with the nuances of auto-tune. ‘CEO’ is not just a song and its accompanying video but a daring step towards the unexplored, a revelation of uncharted facets of creativity that continue to evolve.

Through this music video, François X aims to solidify this artistic evolution, bridging the gap between the artist and the audience, inviting viewers to a deeper understanding of the song’s emotional depth and aesthetic beauty. It’s more than just a video; it’s a profound connection, a message that resounds with passion and purpose, a celebration of art’s boundless possibilities.

Key Highlights:
Directed by Thomas Soudan, whose previous work includes :

Campaign : By redo – Bal D’afrique / Alyx – 1017 A L Y X 9sm / Forus – Mirage / Forus – Horizon
Music Video : Baume – Track 01
Motion Design : Nuit Peche Mignon 04 – Teaser Hyperfuturism – Osaka Fineartmuseum Hyperfuturism /Art Basel Hong-Kong / Timothe Leclabart / Studio Patate – Reve / Tokio Japan Digital – Glitch / Datat Center – Acii
Print :  Feu Magazine – Editorial / Naomi Gilon – The Cowgirl

Filmed on location in Paris La Défense to create an authentic and immersive atmosphere. 

About françois X
François X, a celebrated French techno icon, is renowned for his captivating and innovative set, seamlessly blending techno, trance, and ghetto tech
with a touch of elegance. 

His residency at Paris’ former iconic Concrete club catapulted François to the forefront of the techno scene, leading to performances at renowned clubs and festivals worldwide, including the infamous Berghain in Berlin and festivals like Exit Festival, Melt Festival, Audioriver, and Nuits Sonores. As a prolific producer, François X has  collaborated with esteemed labels such as MDR, Exhale, Fabric, and BPitch Control, showcasing his versatility and commitment to pushing sonic boundaries.

In late 2021, François X ventured into a new chapter, launching his label, XX LAB, as a creative space for exploring new sonic horizons and nurturing independent-minded artists. Here, he released the captivating EP “Digital Fever” in 2022, pushing the boundaries of traditional genres with dark industrial tones, groovy rhythms, and playful melodies. Building on the success of “Digital Fever,” in June 2023, François X unveiled his latest EP, “CEO” (short for Cowboy Executive Officer). This mesmerizing release seamlessly blends edgy techno rhythms with the raw energy of modern dance and pop music, captivating a new generation of listeners.

François X’s contributions to the electronic music industry are a source of inspiration for artists worldwide. His dedication to his craft and his unyielding exploration of new sonic territories ensure his continued impact in the global music scene.